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Get the Photo delivers a high quality product at the local level directly to you. We carry low overhead costs and use the most advanced equipment and cutting edge technologies in the photographic field. We will always aim to accelerate and promote your business, company, event or you as an individual. We recognize that in assisting you look good we also promote and advance our own public perception.
Our talented professionals cater to the most demanding and competitive projects, including documentaries, concerts, corporate trade shows, sporting events, film and television productions, website images. Our photographers will roam your event, conference, meeting or party taking candid shots of your guests in action as well as the principal attractions of the event. Out On the dance floor, in training sessions, accepting awards, or walking on fire our coverage extends to just about anything.
Not only will we provide you with great photo coverage of your event but our photographers will assist you in every way to get the results you are looking for. Whether its candid shots, Instant photo packages, Portraits on location to remember the event by, or complete "in Studio production",
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Is to go beyond the expected creating extraordinary images with value and service above and beyond the common place photographer. Great pictures keep the memories fresh and alive creating a visual document for you and your family. Your friends and clients as well as future generations to come. Our unobtrusive, candid style allows us to capture you and your guests at your best without interrupting or impeding the flow of the event.


There are many different type of photography Services available. Every event is different and image style is usually dependant on the organizers needs.
Most Corporate and exhibition Event Photography is usually a blend of on Location or mobile Studio work, mixed with spontaneous candid captures of crowds, vendors and participants. There is also, often the need for some posed groups, or presenting awards photography. Depending on the event there is sometimes the need to set up studio lighting for photographing each individual Exhibitors booth or sales area. The is a wide range of products available with this sort of vendor specific image creation and usually there is discussion with the organizing body to formulate the appropriate service for your event.
Many of the Event images we photograph are spontaneously captured as they occur. Fast moving and flowing with almost no intrusion by the camera. Most of our clients are amazed and delighted when they see our candid photos As they often have no recollection of the image being taken. For more Information on style click here

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Get the Photo provides images and services that will make your marketing and publications work.
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